The Complete Guide to Email Marketing In The Music Industry

E-mail marketing is an essential sales strategy for every business, and music industry is a serious and work demanding business like every other. Collection of e-mails from people interested in what you do is needed from the beginning in order to build a list of potential customers as soon as possible.

E-mail marketing is a huge necessity for your business as it is a direct way to promote your brand, advertise the products you are selling (software, plugins, beat packages etc.) or inform your lists (customers) for any news or updates considering your music.

The complete guide to email marketing in the music industry

Email marketing is a slow process and requires lots of work, this is not a become rich fast scheme. The key here is patience and building long term relationships with your subscribers so that they have plenty of time to get used to your brand and eventually trust it.

You should dedicate your time and invest time into learning as much as you can about your audience, find out what their interests are, look carefully to find what their problems are and create solutions so that you become helpful. That is a benefit both for you and your audience.

Advantages of e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing comes with some great advantages that help every kind of business expand and increase its conversions in a lot of ways. Those advantages can be very helpful for online beatmakers when it comes to selling their beats.

First and most important must be considered the low cost of e-mail marketing. The price plans of Autoresponders are very convenient for the user, especially considering how much it would cost (both in money and time) to send these numbers of e-mails to huge lists of subscribers using direct mailing.

Another big advantage is the instant delivery time of e-mail marketing. You can offer a product which can be downloaded seconds after the subscriber provides his e-mail address. Same happens when you sell a digital product. As soon as the buyer clicks on the BUY button, he instantly receives the digital product he purchased.

What is more, using e-mail marketing methods you can track and measure the effectiveness of an e-mail marketing campaign with a variety of tracking metrics, which gives you the opportunity to examine every campaign thoroughly and improve the targeting results.

Using e-mail marketing is a more direct and personal way of sending messages and newsletters of updates to your customers than physical mailing, which requires a lot of time and is more difficult.

Disadvantages of e-mail marketing

The most unwanted disadvantage of e-mail marketing is considered to be spamming. Not all e-mail campaigns are able to pass the spam filter and sometimes e-mail newsletter fail to be delivered. Of course this happens rarely, so you should not worry.

Living in the digital era, sometime the consumer faces the problem of e-mail overload. This happens when a lot of e-mail promoting products or updates arrive to the inbox of an individual, which makes it difficult and time consuming for him to distinguish between the e-mail that interest him and the ones that he wants to trash.

Finally, a problem that is very common when it comes to e-mail marketing is the subscriber engagement. It is very difficult to keep every subscriber interested in your newsletter like they were in the beginning and after some time the subscriber becomes a bit too familiar with the e-mails he receives and pays less attention to the updates.

Why would e-mail marketing work for your Beat Selling business?

There a lot of reasons why e-mail marketing still works. One of the main ones is peoples’ relationship with their e-mail inbox. They check their e-mails every single day.

Another very significant reason is that people do not give their e-mail addresses to brand or individuals that they do not trust. What this means is that if they decide to share their e-mail address with you (and your brand) that means that you have built some kind of trust, and that is a huge step.

In addition, e-mails are a very direct way to promote your business as it can be very personal and address certain solutions to people that you know they need them.

What is more, e-mailing seems to be the most stable form of communication not only between people, but also between businesses and people too. How many social media platforms have you seen come and go the last 10-15 years?

In contradiction to this fact, e-mail’s seem to be getting stronger year by year, being the most trustful form of communication for people.

How does e-mail marketing work when it comes to Selling Beats?

Autoresponders are our main tools as they can be automated and save you a lot of time and effort, simply by following a schedule that you control and sending e-mails for you even when you sleep. This is the essence of true passive income.

Here are some of the top Autoresponders in the market:

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • IContact
  • Constant Contact
  • InfusionSoft

The first thing you must learn to do is to collect peoples’ e-mail addresses. The most common way to do this is by offering something for free such as a Drum Loop Kit or a Beat Package (10 beats for example) with commercial licenses or even better, create a helpful e-book guide on making beats, audio mixing and mastering, writing lyrics etc.

There are plenty of ideas to focus on, and sky is the limit.

One thing you have to consider though is to offer something that you are really an expert at, so that people stay pleased and come back for more. You cannot be considered an authority or an expert as a Beatmaker if for example you offer a Beat Package full of low quality without the necessary mixing and mastering.

What you need to do in this occasion, is compile a number (large number if possible, for instance of 100 or 150) of drum loops or drum sounds, make them sound as professional as it gets (feel free to devote some more time on this task in order to achieve quality results) and offer them for free to your potential future customers.

Be generous, do your best for people to stay satisfied by your work and most important keep up connecting with them and answer every single one of the questions they may ask you about your product.

It is not only about the free product you have to offer, it is also about the customer service and assistance you provide and help them use your product to its full potential.

This way you enhance the trust towards your brand name.

Quality and helpful products is the solution, and you do not have to worry about giving them for free. Free stuff will build e-mail lists and a sort of gratitude for your business.

What to do after you have collected the e-mails?

Let’s say you now have your first 100 e-mails from people that have decided to become your subscribers. That is awesome! Do not consider 100 e-mail addresses to be a small number. It is the volume of targeted people that matters here, even though when it comes to e-mail lists, the rule of “the more the merrier” is literal.

Next thing you have to do is schedule your Autoresponder.

This is called a follow-up sequence and is available by almost all Autoresponders.

Follow-up sequence is a series of e-mails sent to your subscribers in a specific order that you have scheduled (for instance 5 or 10 e-mails) when a new person subscribes to your list. These messages are usually informative or explanatory.

This helps you to start building a form of relationship and trust with your potential customer so that then you can inform him about your new products or services that you offer.

When eventually you have that new product or service and want to inform your subscribers you send a newsletter or a broadcast. Newsletter messages are sent to all of your list subscriber at once (for example when you release a New Beat or a New Software). This is very convenient as you don’t have to alert all of your subscriber individually and it saves you a lot of time, that you can invest in you beats or to website improvements.

What you need to keep in mind

Keep your messages to your subscribers simple, on point and sincere. You need to make clear and emphasize the main purpose of each e-mail sent, so that the subscribers interested can easily take the right action.

Do not spam your subscribers. Not all of your subscribers will have the money or be in the right mood to purchase or even take a look at what you have to offer that particular moment. Be patient and do not spam their inbox with annoying e-mails messages. It takes time and effort.

Make each e-mail interesting. Try to add eye-caching photos, videos and examples to help your subscriber understand why your offer is going to help them.

Say always the truth. Do not advertise what you can’t really offer. People will understand it, get the wrong impression about your brand and probably unsubscribe. You need to make your brand trustful and gain the respect of your potential customers.

Top 5 E-mail Marketing Videos – Sell More Beats

1 –

This is a video of Kurt Johansen who is considered by many the E-mail Marketing King. A very interesting video in which he expresses his view on E-mail Marketing, shares some of his most valuable secrets and advices beginners on how to take action.

2 –

Next is a Mailchimp Tutorial video, which shows how can people (beginners especially) use Mailchimp as an E-mail Marketing tool. The video contains in depth analysis on list imports, sign up forms and how to embed them on your website and how to easily create campaigns.

3 –

Our third video is an absolute beginners guide on E-mail Marketing, essential for those of you who have recently started or are going to start your Beat Selling business in the near future. It is a step by step guide which includes detailed guides on how to use E-mail Marketing techniques to generate more customers, and eventually more income.

4 –

This video targets once again the newcomers on E-mail Marketing, but in addition it includes lessons on how to pick the right niche (if you are reading this you have already picked Beatmaking I guess), how to make opt-in, squeeze and thank you pages so that you can bring more traffic to your business.

5 –

Last but not least, here is a video about Facebook and E-mail Marketing combined. It reveals the secrets between both ways to promote your business, the similar ways both tool work and focuses on how to learn to strategically use them both to bring more positive results to your business (such as traffic and income).

That is all for now.

Thanks a lot for reading us and feel free to share your opinion!