How to Become a Professional Music Artist

When you dream of becoming a professional music artist, you have to set some goals in order to become able to walk the right path. There is a lot of competition in the music industry already, and it is harder for new artists to become recognized these days.

This is why you need to be focused, have passion for your music and believe in yourself and your talent in particular. Let’s see how a newcomer can become a successful artist in the music industry these days.

How to become a professional music artist

Although music is a rough industry to enter, this does not mean that there aren’t several ways to pursue your dream and become successful. You just need to be prepared and organized, have the right mindset and be ready to work really hard in order to achieve your goals.

Have the right mindset

Being optimistic is the key factor that will help you pursue your dream the right way. Being determined to become a successful music artist is one of your most valuable assets and you need to use it in order to keep passionate about your music.

If you are a singer, a music producer or a songwriter, you need to convince yourself that you are a talented person and you deserve to become successful.

Make sure that you share your dreams and ambitions with people that will be there to support you and not make you think you made bad decision. Even if you are not sure about your decisions, you need to give it a try the best way you can and see if you have any potential yourself.

Don’t think about it too much. Your goal is to work hard no matter the cost. Without the proper practice and time investment, you will never be sure that did all you could to become a successful artist. Make sure that you spend your time on actions rather than speculations.

Find your talents and style

This part is one of the most important ones when you are in the beginning stages. Sometimes you may admire too many great artists that belong to different music genres and have completely different music styles from each other.

Although this can be a good thing because it means that you have extended music knowledge and you do not limit your preferences, when starting to work on your own music it could be confusing for you.

You need to think hard and decide on what you like the most. Make sure that you try to make music on two or three different genres in order to find out which suits you best. It is suggested that eventually you focus on one, so that you can practice to perfection.

Later on your music career, you could expand your genre’s limitations, mix two or three genres together and create fusion styles that will be unique. This is suggested only for the beginning, so that you focus on one thing and improve your music skills.

When you practice, keep notes of the strong characteristics of your music so that they can guide you on your decisions. Prioritize your passions and start practicing on those that make you feel more satisfied and full.

The best way to settle on a genre and find your style is to experiment with different styles of music and song structures. Naturally, you will start noticing the ones that suit you best and you can start working harder to perfect them.

Make sure that the style of music you choose is close to your character so that you can be honest with your audience. You should avoid displaying yourself as someone you are not and acting out.

Understand that it takes time

Becoming a successful artist is not a fast process. It takes a lot of time, practice and networking skills. This is why you have to love the music you make. Do not make fame or getting rich the main goal of this process.

You need to set small goals and achieve them one by one. First, you have to find your style and your musical identity. Then you have to practice your music to perfection. You need to maintain good relationships with your audience and your connections. You need to network and promote your music.

These are all steps that cannot be taken in a night. You have to complete one to take another. Keep in mind that you have to make sure that you have accomplished a goal in order to start another, and be sure that you have done it the right way so that you can build a stable basis for your music.

Learn from other artists

This is one of those things that help most artists improve their music dramatically. This happens because they can actually learn how to make music from the best. Established artists are the best teacher as they can literally show how their music helped them become successful.

You should consider well known artists’ discographies and careers as the essential guides you should read in order to know how to become successful. Make a list of your favorite artists and study their work and music career step chronologically.

This way, you can acquire a better perspective about how they managed to evolve their music over the years, and focus on the differences between their starting points and the more experienced ones. How did their music mature over the years? What did they change in the decisions they made? What were their mistakes?

These are all facts from which you can learn and avoid or apply on your own music. Consider them as free lessons and you will be able to easily adjust your music and speed up the process of evolving your own music skills.

Pay close attention to your competition

This step has to be taken after you have decided on your genre and style of music. You should study other artists close to your music genre and compare to them occasionally. It is preferred that you choose artists that achieve a certain amount of success, so that you challenge yourself to compete with the best.

You should study their songs, their live performances, their interaction with the audience and the choices they make considering their music. When listening to their songs, note down the parts that you like and practice so that you can find out if you have the ability to recreate them.

Use them as inspiration for your own music, and think hard about what you could better regarding the structure of their songs. Make a list of things, practice, improve them if possible, and then apply them to your music projects.

Apart from successful competition, you could study other newcomers that begun their music careers about the same time as you, and compare your paths. If for some reason a beginner like you has had more success than you up to this point, try to find out why.

This can be a nice way to evaluate your choices and focus on any mistakes that you may have done and you never noticed. Make sure that you do not become obsessed about your competition, because each artist follows his own separate career and success cannot achieved at the same time by all artists.

People with similar interests

Gather around you people with similar interests so that you can discuss your problems and concerns with the right people. It is ok to take advice from family and friends and listen to their opinion, but if music is not their main interest, they will probably not be the right people to help you.

You need to start hanging out with other singers, songwriters, music producers and sound engineers so that you can have in-depth discussions musicwise, address your problems and be able to analyze them with musical terms for better solutions.

If possible, you should make the studio your main workplace and start getting familiar with the right listening and practicing environment. It is very important that you feel comfortable and relaxed in the studio, because most of your music creation hours will be spent in such a place as a music artist.

Study the music industry

Everything you learn about the music industry can be a valuable piece of information that you can use to improve your music. For example, you can start learning to play an instrument. This will help you acquire a better perspective about song structure.

In addition to the above, it will help have more control over the creation of your music. Instead of relying on a guitarist for instance, you write and play your own riffs exactly the way you want them to sound.

Learning the musical terms will also make it far easier for you to start communicating better with your music partners and fellow musician. You can have a better understanding on how they work to create songs, and talk to them in their language so that you can both understand each other.

This way, you can make the process of creating a song more detailed and avoid any possible mistakes that misunderstandings may cause.

Furthermore, pay attention to the financial and promotional aspects of the music industry. If you hang at the same place with managers, producers or record label executives, listen to their discussions carefully and try to shape a general image of how things work. This will make you more capable when it comes to promoting your own music.

Make connections

Another crucial skills that you need to acquire as an artist, is to start making connections with influential people of the music industry. Keep a friendly tone and try to participate in as many discussions as you can so that you can learn from their experience.

Collaborate and work with other musicians so that you can exchange ideas, get inspired from each other’s styles and expand to new audiences. Always prefer artists that are more experienced than you, because they are the ones with the bigger amounts of knowledge.

Maintain friendly relationships with managers and record label executives. They have the best music industry insights and you can gain a lot of experience by discussing music industry matters with them. Ask for their advice and focus on the things they mention as more important.

Always make a case of mentioning that you make music yourself, and have available your demos if they ask to listen to your music. Show them that you believe in your music and your talent, so that you gain trust. Record labels and managers like musicians with confidence.

Promote and advertise yourself

No matter the cost, you must never stop promoting and advertising yourself at every chance you get. Although when you start your budget is going to be limited because you will not have any revenue streams yet. You can always promote yourself for free.

You can use all social media platforms to create profiles about you and your music and share your songs through them. Make a Youtube account and upload your song so that they are available to anyone. If possible, try to invest some of your money into making music videos, which tend to be very attracting to the people.

Sell your music through music platforms and libraries. Purchase or make your own logos, covers and graphics so that your work looks professional. Link all those platforms to your social media profiles and lead your fans to your albums that are available for purchase.

Make sure that you gather a team of people, mainly friends, to help you promote your music through their own social profiles. This will speed up the process dramatically. Ask them for any ideas about free promotion that they may have, and use the ones you like to spread the word about your music.

Practice constantly

Practice is the one thing that you must not stop doing at any point. It is important that you improve your music skills constantly, so that you can keep up the competition and increase the chances of you getting noticed by major record labels and managers.

Adjust your daily routine, prioritize the rehearsals, and practice sessions as your number one goal for every day. Make sure that you experiment and apply everything you learn from your teachers and fellow musicians, so that you can explore new ways to make music.

Keep a steady schedule and think of your music as a job that you are happy to do. Improve your communication skills with other musicians and maintain good relationships within the music industry so that you can gain knowledge and experience regarding music creation and promotion.

Never forget to advertise and promote your songs and your talents, make your music accessible for everyone and be available for your fans to engage them more easily.

Follow this guide and we guarantee you are on the right path to become a successful music artist.

Until next time, have fun making music!