How Much Money Do Online Beatmakers Make

When it comes to start making beats, people tend to get confused. Some think you need to have a natural talent, others that a sizeable amount of money has to be spent and finally there are those who believe that it is as difficult and time consuming as it gets.

That last part may not be entirely wrong, but things are not always as simple as they may sound. Here is my beginners guide on how to become a Beatmaker. Let us take a look.

How Much Money do Online Beatmakers Make?

For those of you interested in beatmaking and particularly in selling beats online, I believe this is one of the most common questions. “How much money do online beatmakers make?”

Selling beats online is a difficult and time consuming business that requires lots of talent, hard work, business management skills advertising knowledge etc. Making quality beats is not enough, it is the first step towards success though.

Patience is the most useful virtue when it comes to building an online business. You have to be smart and creative and apply all the techniques and methods you learn along the way, as I am pretty sure that no one knows everything from the beginning. Mistakes are allowed as long as they help us understand how to work better and achieve the desirable results.

Our purpose is profit. And before you step into this kind of business it would be nice to have an idea of how much people are able to make selling beats online. The following videos answer this question.

1 –

Mike Lightner ( – $22.089 (April 2013)

This video is about Mike Lightner, owner of Mike shows in this video that he made over $20.000 in one month and his accomplishment is a true inspiration for new beatmaker who are just starting to sell their beats online.

Mike Lightner is very familiar with the Beat Selling business, has his own team of producers working and creating beats for his website and can be considered one of the most successful online beatmakers to this day.

2 –

Anno Domini ( – $23.262 (October 2012)

Anno Domini is another very popular online beatmaker. He owns the website and a big list of awards for his accomplishments. He has worked with a huge variety of established hip hop artists and has a large team of producers that are constantly adding new music and beats on the website.

Anno Domini shows on camera his private Paypal reports and proves that he made over $20.000 in a single month.

3 –

The Cratez ( – $7.040 (August 2015)

The Cratez is one my personal favorite group of producers from Europe. Their sound quality is amazing ad have accomplished to work with many great hip hop artists, both European and American.

In this video, which is a review about MyFlashStore, an online beat store that can help beatmakers sell their beats very easily, they state that they have made over $7.000 in a single month and they mention that their usual income from selling beats online is between &7.000 and $10.000.

How to make money selling beats online?

So now you saw that making a substantial income from selling beats online is not a myth. On the contrary it is an achievable task that requires a lot of work, talent and patience like every other business.

All you have to do is concentrate, focus on what you want to succeed and work as hard as you can to achieve the best results possible.

In everything you do, you need to be focused. But when it comes to things you love and want to succeed, you need to be focused BIG TIME. The same principle applies to making beats too.

You have to establish a daily routine that helps you stay fresh and full of energy in order to maintain high levels of creativity that will help you reach tour goals. For example, I found out that waking up early and making beats in the morning helps me keep my mind clear and work harder.

You have to be patient and know that all the things take time to bring results, especially if you are trying to make money off your beats. It is a long process and takes a lot of effort so you have to make one step at a time. Improve your music skills, read as many online marketing books and articles as you can, and make the right connections. Everything is a significant part in the game and all of them are equally important.

10 Best Hip Hop Beatmakers


Here is a list of some of the most prolific hip hop producers and beatmakers that are considered major influencers for the beatmaking world and the hip hop scene in general.

01 – DJ Muggs

Dj Muggs is the producer behind every Cypress Hill album. An old jazz record digger, DJ Muggs brought an easy-to-listen dirty sound along with bits of dark rhythms that were necessary for the hip hop scene.

02 – Timbaland

Timbaland started as an RnB producer and continued with slow, sexy and relaxing sound to his first hip hop tracks. Along the way he perfected his sound and created more exotic and easy-to-dance beats, using Middle Eastern samples.

03 – The Neptunes

Neptunes used their pop rap sound to become known to a wide range of audience, produced singles that became instant hits and played millions of times on the radio, this production duo has been considered a great hip hop production impact for all pop-hip hop producers.

04 – RZA

RZA is the leader or the Abbot as he likes to be called of the hip hop supergroup Wu-Tang Clan. He brought a unique raw and dirty soulful style of beatmaking, seen for the first time by the hip hop seen in the early to mid-1990s and has produced multiple albums for many artists and Wu-Tang affiliates.

05 – Pete Rock

Pete Rock is one of the greatest sample-based hip hop producers of all time. Born in NYC, Pete rock often uses soul funk and jazz records for his samples and was one of the producers that made the crackle of the vinyl esthetically essential for the classic hip hop production of the next generations.

06 – J Dilla

J Dilla was the first one to bring a smooth soulful sound to the hip hop scene, along with crunchy but delicate drum loops and is considered one of the biggest influences for the hip hop producers of the 2000s to this day. This magnificent producer from Detroit was not afraid to experiment with his sound and his legacy is essential knowledge for every modern hip hop producer.

07 – DJ Premier

Born in Huston, DJ Premier’s first nickname was Waxmaster C. After joining forces with Guru, they created Gang Starr, and their sound was meant to change the hip hop scene forever. His sound was a mix of jazzy and funky samples with heavy drum loops, creating the perfect field for every rapper of the Gang Starr Foundation (and not only) to drop their verses).

08 – Dr Dre

Andre Young as his real name is, is a beatmaker and producer that makes it in every top list considering beatmaking. The mastermind behind NWA, invented the sound of G-Funk and has put Southern California to the hip hop map for good, after released so many hit singles and albums that no other producer has managed to achieve. Some notable things about Dr Dre is that he is the hip hop’s first man to become a billionaire and that he was the cause for Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube to launch their careers.

09 – Madlib

Madlib is one of those hip hop producers that have never made the major hit, but has always managed to earn the respect of fellow beatmakers and hip hop artists. He managed to accomplished that by digging some of the most obscure and intriguing records and giving life to dead samples as easily as he makes his drum loops sound smooth and complicated at the same time.

10 – The Alchemist

Although born in the West Coast, Alchemist has a clear East Coast sound. He uses atmospheric samples, that very often remind horror movie soundtracks and is known for his late 1990s grimy beats.


If you are thinking when to start making beats, the right time is always now. There is no reason why you should stop and think so much when you can act instead. The sooner you realize that beatmaking is what you want to do the sooner you will see the first satisfying results of your music.

Speed of implementation is a key factor and you don’t want to miss a day working on your beats, because it is a day you have learned nothing. Begin now!