Celebrities Who Left Hollywood For Normal Jobs

Hollywood, the land of glitz, glamour, and cash, right? Well, not always! Turns out, some of our favorite celebrities have ditched the red carpets for a regular nine-to-five gig. While we sit at our desks daydreaming about the star-studded life, these famous folks are probably daydreaming about blending into the office cubicle crowd. Intrigued?

Keep reading to discover which Hollywood personalities said “goodbye” to Tinseltown and “hello” to some surprising jobs. It’s like a celebrity version of “career switcheroo!”

Sarah Michelle Gellar started her own thriving company venture.

Let’s start with the badass vampire slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar. She’s been in everything from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to “Cruel Intentions,” but it turns out her true passion lies in the food industry. Who knew? Gellar teamed up with two partners who shared her love for baking and launched Foodstir, a company that creates kid-friendly baking kits and equipment. Starting a business wasn’t a piece of cake, but they eventually found their rhythm. Baking is all about chemistry, right?

Although Gellar’s acting career had been filled with numerous successful roles, she decided to follow her passion for food and entrepreneurship. This unexpected move showcased her versatility and dedication to exploring new horizons beyond the entertainment industry. With Foodstir, she found a way to combine her love for baking with her desire to create a product that encourages families to bond and have fun in the kitchen.


Nikki Blonsky went from singing sensation to talented hairstylist.

Next up, we have Nikki Blonsky, the singing sensation from “Hairspray.” After the movie’s success, Blonsky had a tough time finding more roles and decided to pursue an alternative career. She got her cosmetology license and started working as a hair and makeup artist. She realized that while Hollywood roles are as rare as a unicorn sighting, paying the bills with salon gigs is a safer bet. And hey, at least she still gets to play with hairspray!

By delving into the world of hairstyling and makeup artistry, Blonsky found a way to stay connected to the entertainment industry while also ensuring a stable income. Hollywood roles can be elusive, with fierce competition and limited opportunities, making it difficult for even talented actors to secure consistent work. Blonsky’s decision to pursue a career in the beauty industry showcased her resilience and determination to forge a path outside the traditional boundaries of acting.


Tony Danza fearlessly pursued his passions beyond Hollywood’s borders.

Who remembers Tony Danza from “Taxi” and “Who’s The Boss”? Well, it turns out he had a change of heart and found a new calling. Acting wasn’t bringing him the same joy, so he pulled a Marie Kondo and decluttered his life, pivoting to a career in education. For an entire year, Danza taught English to tenth graders at a high school in Philadelphia, and the experience was even documented on a reality show called “Teach: Tony Danza.” Imagine telling people you were in Tony Danza’s English class—talk about a conversation starter!

Seeking a fresh start, Danza embarked on a unique journey and embarked on a career as a high school teacher. For an entire year, he taught English to tenth-grade students at Northeast High School in Philadelphia. The experience was so remarkable that it caught the attention of television producers.


Lauren Conrad successfully launched her own flourishing makeup business.

Lauren Conrad, famous for her reality TV stints on “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills,” decided to leave the world of unscripted drama behind. People couldn’t get enough of her style and makeup skills, so she turned her passion into a second career. Conrad wrote a successful book, launched a clothing line, and recently started her own makeup brand. The reviews for her makeup line have been pretty, well, beautiful. Looks like she’s leaving her mark on the beauty industry, one perfectly contoured cheek at a time.

Conrad’s journey as a beauty entrepreneur began with the release of her successful book, which delved into her personal sense of style, makeup tips, and fashion advice. This publication resonated with her fans and demonstrated her keen eye for fashion and beauty. Capitalizing on this success, Conrad took the next step by launching her own clothing line, which quickly gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts who admired her elegant yet effortless aesthetic.


Taran Noah Smith joyfully transitioned from child star to passionate cheese lover.

Remember Taran Noah Smith, the youngest family member on “Home Improvement”? Well, he grew up in the public eye and never really had a chance to figure out his path in life. Once the show ended, he decided to try something new. Smith pursued various ventures, including starting a vegan cheese company (yes, vegan cheese is a thing) and helping rebuild homes after Hurricane Harvey. Oh, and did I mention he installs art installations too? Talk about a well-rounded guy.

Driven by his desire to make a positive impact, Smith delved into various ventures that showcased his diverse interests and passions. One notable endeavor was his foray into the world of veganism, where he started a vegan cheese company. In recent years, veganism has gained significant traction as a lifestyle choice for individuals concerned about animal welfare and the environmental impact of traditional animal agriculture. Smith’s decision to launch a vegan cheese company reflects his commitment to these principles and his dedication to providing alternatives that align with a plant-based lifestyle.


Mara Wilson eloquently penned her experiences of early stardom.

Ah, Matilda, the beloved child prodigy from the movie of the same name. Mara Wilson charmed us all with her acting skills, but she decided to retire early and focus on writing. She avoided the curse of peaking early and gracefully transitioned from child actor to accomplished author. She made it look like a walk in the park, which is impressive considering most people can barely walk in a park without tripping over their own feet.

Retiring from acting allowed Wilson to explore her talents as a storyteller from a different perspective. She channeled her creativity into writing, showcasing her ability to craft engaging narratives and capture the imaginations of readers. By delving into the world of literature, she found a way to continue captivating audiences through her words, leaving a lasting impact in a different medium.


Steven Anthony Lawrence enthusiastically teaches acting skills to aspiring children.

Remember Steven Anthony Lawrence, the scene-stealer from “Even Stevens” who played Beans, the annoying neighbor? Well, after appearing on several other shows, Lawrence decided to pay it forward and help other aspiring actors. He became an acting coach, sharing his industry knowledge and teaching young actors acting techniques and the business side of the industry. Who knew Beans had so much wisdom to impart? It’s like having Yoda as your acting mentor.

Becoming an acting coach allowed Lawrence to pay it forward and help nurture the talents of the next generation. Through his coaching, he shared valuable insights and techniques, guiding young actors in honing their craft and developing the necessary skills for success in the industry. Lawrence’s firsthand experience working in front of the camera provided a unique perspective that aspiring actors could benefit from, giving them a practical understanding of the business side of the entertainment industry.


Karyn Parsons founded a meaningful education non-profit organization.

Now let’s talk about Karyn Parsons, aka Hilary Banks from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Instead of continuing her acting career, Parsons founded the Sweet Blackberry Foundation, a production company that educates children about African-American history. One of their films, “The Journey of Henry Box Brown,” tells the inspiring story of a former slave who mailed himself in a wooden crate to freedom. Parsons’ work has had a positive impact on many young African-American children. Hilary would be proud!

Driven by her desire to fill the gaps in children’s education about African-American history, Parsons took it upon herself to create a platform that would engage and educate young minds. Through Sweet Blackberry, she produced a series of animated short films that focus on the often untold stories of remarkable African-American figures and their contributions to society.


Frankie Muniz proudly owns and operates his own vibrant olive shop.

Frankie Muniz, known for his role in “Malcolm in the Middle,” took a different path after achieving early success as a child actor. He now spends his days in Arizona, where he owns an olive shop. Yes, you heard that right—a whole shop dedicated to olives. With the money he made from his acting days, Muniz has the freedom to pursue his passion for olives. I guess you could say he’s really found his pit in life. Olive his choice!

Opening an olive shop allowed Muniz to delve into the world of gourmet food and agriculture. It provided him with an opportunity to curate a selection of high-quality olives and olive products, showcasing the diverse flavors and culinary possibilities they offer. By immersing himself in this niche market, Muniz has likely gained extensive knowledge about olives, their cultivation, and the art of olive production.


Phoebe Cates gracefully curates her own chic boutique.

Phoebe Cates, the unforgettable star of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” could have been the next big thing in Hollywood. Instead, she decided to step away from the spotlight for a while to focus on raising her children. However, after some time, Cates decided to dip her toe back into the working world and opened a boutique in New York called Blue Tree. With fellow actor Kevin Kline as her husband, she had the luxury of exploring different career paths. Talk about retail therapy!

During her time away from acting, Cates explored her interests and passions outside of the entertainment industry. Leveraging her creativity and eye for style, she decided to venture into the world of retail and opened a boutique in New York City called Blue Tree. With the support of her husband, fellow actor Kevin Kline, Cates had the flexibility to pursue different career paths and indulge in her entrepreneurial spirit.


Jeff Cohen swapped his casual Hawaiian shirt for a dapper tailored suit.

Chunk from “The Goonies” decided to leave the acting business and pursue a different career. Jeff Cohen, who played Chunk, went to law school and became an attorney. He’s now the founding partner of a law firm called Cohen Gardner LLP. Who would have thought that the lovable, truffle-shuffling Chunk would end up arguing cases in court? It’s like the ultimate plot twist!

Cohen’s decision to pursue a career in law showcased his intellectual curiosity and desire to explore a different aspect of the entertainment industry. As an attorney, he is well-versed in the legal intricacies of the entertainment business, allowing him to provide valuable guidance and support to clients navigating the complex world of contracts, intellectual property, and negotiations.


Angelina Pivarnick fearlessly serves as a dedicated EMT.

Angelina Pivarnick from “The Jersey Shore” might have only spent a brief time on the show, but she made a major career change afterward. Pivarnick left the reality TV drama behind and joined the Emergency Medical Services as an EMT. Talk about a life-saving transition! She spent several years saving lives before rejoining her former castmates on “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.” A true hero in every sense of the word.

Pivarnick’s decision to pursue a career in EMS demonstrated her desire to make a difference and help others in times of crisis. As an EMT, she underwent extensive training to provide emergency medical care and assistance to those in need. By joining the ranks of EMS professionals, she dedicated herself to saving lives and providing essential medical support in critical situations.


Peter Ostrum transformed his love for animals into a fulfilling veterinary career.

Peter Ostrum, the original Charlie Bucket from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” decided to make a sweet change in his career. Instead of pursuing acting, Ostrum followed his love for animals and became a veterinarian. While he still receives royalty payments for the movie (probably enough to buy his own chocolate factory), his career as a vet has been even more fulfilling than a golden ticket to Hollywood. Talk about a golden opportunity!

While Ostrum’s role in the iconic film brought him recognition and financial benefits, he chose a different path that aligned with his love for animals and desire to make a meaningful impact on their lives. After the movie, Ostrum decided to pursue higher education and obtained a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.


Jack Gleeson fearlessly pursued a degree after departing from the world of Hollywood.

Remember King Joffrey, the despicable ruler of the Seven Kingdoms in “Game of Thrones”? Jack Gleeson, the actor behind the character, decided to retire from acting at the young age of 21. He found the spotlight too overwhelming and opted for a quieter life. Gleeson attended Trinity College, where he pursued a degree in philosophy and theology. Although he’s mostly focused on small-stage acting, he recently appeared in a new series called “Out of Her Mind.” Looks like he couldn’t resist the siren call of Hollywood after all!

Choosing to prioritize his personal well-being and pursue other interests, Gleeson enrolled at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, where he delved into the fields of philosophy and theology. This academic pursuit allowed him to explore his intellectual curiosities and engage with subjects that fascinated him on a deeper level.


Angus T. Jones skillfully manages an event production company with remarkable expertise.

Angus T. Jones, aka the “half” from “Two and a Half Men,”made a surprising career choice right at the peak of his acting success. Instead of continuing his acting dreams, Jones partnered with P. Diddy’s son to start an entertainment planning venture. With his TV money backing him up, he had the freedom to explore whatever career path he desired. It’s like he traded in his sitcom laughs for event planning extravaganzas.

Partnering with P. Diddy’s son, Jones embarked on a new entrepreneurial venture that allowed him to utilize his creative talents in a different capacity. With the financial security gained from his successful tenure on “Two and a Half Men,” Jones had the freedom and resources to explore various career paths and invest in his new venture.


Mike Vitar valiantly puts out fires as a committed firefighter.

Mike Vitar, known for his roles in “The Sandlot” and “The Mighty Ducks,” realized that finding consistent acting gigs was as unpredictable as the weather. So, he said goodbye to Hollywood and hello to firetrucks. That’s right, Vitar became a firefighter! He traded in his baseball glove and hockey stick for a life of saving lives. Talk about going from child star to real-life hero. It’s a mighty noble career change, if you ask me.

Recognizing the inherent uncertainty and challenges of the acting world, Vitar sought a more stable and fulfilling career where he could make a tangible impact. By joining the ranks of firefighters, he embraced a noble and selfless profession centered around saving lives and protecting communities.


George Foreman dominantly conquered the grilling industry with his groundbreaking inventions.

George Foreman, the legendary boxer and Olympic gold medalist, retired from the ring after a loss to Muhammad Ali. But instead of throwing in the towel on his career, he decided to throw some burgers on a grill. That’s right, Foreman became the spokesperson for the George Foreman Grill, a handy appliance you can use right in your own kitchen. It turns out that knocking out opponents in the ring was just the warm-up for his knockout success in the grilling industry. Who would’ve guessed?

Foreman’s endorsement of the George Foreman Grill became a game-changer in the world of home cooking. The grill, known for its unique design and ability to cook food quickly and efficiently, captured the attention of consumers worldwide. Foreman’s involvement as the face of the product added a level of authenticity and credibility, leveraging his strong personal brand and association with athletic excellence.


Brittany Ashton Holmes impressively worked at a popular coffee shop, captivating customers.

Brittany Ashton Holmes, who stole our hearts as Darla in “The Little Rascals,” left the glitz and glamour of Hollywood behind after just two years. She was spotted working at Starbucks while also pursuing her education. Turns out, she was using her barista skills to pay for school and get that education ball rolling. And hey, it’s always good to have a fallback plan, especially if it involves serving up some delicious coffee creations.

While studying, Holmes was spotted working at Starbucks, demonstrating her determination and work ethic. By utilizing her barista skills to support her educational endeavors, she not only managed to finance her studies but also gained valuable real-world experience in customer service and teamwork.


Amanda Bynes passionately pursued and achieved a fashion degree.

Amanda Bynes, known for her roles in “All That” and her own self-titled show, took a break from acting to focus on herself. After a tumultuous period, she decided to study fashion design and earned her degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

With her newfound skills, Bynes started her own clothing brand and is focusing on that while keeping a lower profile. It’s like she redesigned her career and stitched together a whole new path.


Vanilla Ice cleverly flips houses with unmatched expertise.

Vanilla Ice, the iconic rapper behind “Ice Ice Baby,” found that the music industry could be as cold as ice when it came to continued success. So, he turned his attention to a different kind of property. Vanilla Ice became a house-flipping extraordinaire! For the past two decades, he has been buying and refurbishing houses in Florida. It seems like he’s found a groove that’s making him some serious green and not just in his famous parachute pants.

Over the past two decades, Vanilla Ice has honed his skills in real estate investment and renovation. With a keen eye for potential and a knack for transforming properties, he has turned dilapidated houses into stunning homes, breathing new life into communities.


MC Hammer gracefully embraced his spiritual calling and became a respected minister.

MC Hammer, another ’90s music sensation, learned that hammer time doesn’t last forever. After filing for bankruptcy, he turned to a higher power and became a minister for the Church of God in Christ. These days, he prefers preaching for smaller congregations, where they wouldn’t expect to see a famous face.

MC Hammer has found solace and purpose in his new role, and now he only sings “U Can’t Touch This” in the privacy of his own home. Can’t blame him for keeping the dance moves to himself.


Rick Moranis blissfully prioritizes his time on being an adoring father.

Rick Moranis, the beloved actor from movies like “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” and “Ghostbusters,” left Hollywood behind after losing his wife to illness. He chose to step away from acting and focus on raising his children. Moranis kept himself busy by writing during this time. In his own words, “Stuff happens to people all the time, and people make adjustments, change careers.” Now that his children are grown, he’s ready to make a comeback. Welcome back, Rick!

During his time away from acting, Moranis found solace and fulfillment in writing. This creative outlet allowed him to channel his emotions and experiences into his work. By exploring his talents as a writer, he had the opportunity to express himself in new ways and continue his creative journey.


Danielle Christine Fishel actively thrives in the dynamic world of media.

Danielle Christine Fishel, known for her role as Topanga on “Boy Meets World” and “Girl Meets World,” decided to dive into a different career in a field she knew well. Alongside her acting jobs, Fishel works as a writer for PopSugar and even conducts interviews for their YouTube channel.

She’s had many other side endeavors as well, proving that she’s more than just a ’90s TV sweetheart. Looks like she’s the one asking the questions now.


Gene Hackman fearlessly embarked on a successful career as a captivating novelist.

Gene Hackman, an Academy Award-winning actor, had an incredibly successful career in Hollywood. But the business side of acting became too stressful for him, so he decided to retire and pursue his love of writing.

Hackman has focused his life on writing historical fiction novels and has already penned five of them. He swapped red carpets for a quiet writing desk, and it seems like a chapter he’s happy with.


Freddie Prinze Jr. skillfully turned his love for food into a prosperous career.

Freddie Prinze Jr., heartthrob of the ’90s and star of movies like “She’s All That” and “Scooby-Doo,” had another passion simmering beneath the surface—cooking. After working as a WWE producer, he published a cookbook filled with delicious real recipes and true stories from a food-obsessed actor.

Prinze also has a podcast and co-hosts a YouTube series focused on nerdy stuff. It’s safe to say he’s cooking up some fun in and out of the kitchen. Who wouldn’t want him as their personal chef?


Dylan Sprouse passionately dedicates his time and expertise to the art of mead-making.

Dylan Sprouse, one-half of the famous Sprouse twins from the Disney Channel, decided to leave the world of Hollywood behind after graduating from college. While his brother Cole continued acting, Dylan pursued a different path and opened his very own meadery.

That’s right, he became a mead maker, crafting his own honey-based alcoholic beverages. He’s definitely brewed up a unique career for himself.


Shirley Temple gracefully transitioned into the realm of government and public service.

Shirley Temple, the adorable child star who danced her way into our hearts, decided to trade her tap shoes for a different kind of stage—the political arena. After her acting career, Temple got involved in politics and eventually became the US Ambassador of Ghana.

Talk about a role that’s hard to top! She left the spotlight behind and used her talents to make a difference in the world. Temple’s legacy will forever shine bright.


Danny Lloyd passionately imparts his knowledge as an esteemed community college teacher.

Danny Lloyd, the young actor who gave us chills as the psychic boy in “The Shining,” decided to leave acting behind after just one more film. Instead, he pursued a different passion—teaching. Lloyd became a professor at a community college, sharing his knowledge with eager students.

It’s like he traded spooky twins and haunted hotels for textbooks and chalkboards. That’s a lesson we can all appreciate.


Charlie Korsmo expertly teaches corporate law with profound wisdom.

Charlie Korsmo, known for his roles in movies like “Hook” and “Can’t Hardly Wait,” took a different path after his acting career. He followed his academic prowess and attended law school at Yale University.

Korsmo now teaches corporate law and finance at a prestigious university. Fromchild actor to legal expert, he found his true calling in the world of law. It’s like he went from Neverland to the courtroom, and he’s making a case for a successful career change.


Lisa & Louise Burns confidently pursued diverse career paths beyond their iconic twin roles.

Lisa and Louise Burns, the eerie twins from “The Shining,” didn’t let their rejection from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art bring them down. Instead of pursuing acting, they decided to explore different paths.

Lisa became a successful lawyer, using her sharp wit and legal prowess to fight for justice. On the other hand, Louise delved into the world of science and became a published scientist. It’s like they took their famous “come play with us” line and turned it into “come learn with us” in their respective fields.


Ariana Richards skillfully captures the essence of her subjects as a highly accomplished portraitist.

Ariana Richards, known for her role in “Jurassic Park,” traded in the thrilling world of dinosaurs for the captivating world of art. After her acting career, she pursued her passion for painting and studied fine art and drama.

Richards now works as a successful portraitist, capturing the essence of her subjects in beautiful and expressive paintings. She went from being chased by dinosaurs to chasing her artistic dreams.


Al Green tenderly ministers to the faithful as a devoted church pastor.

Al Green, the soulful singer behind hits like “Let’s Stay Together,” found himself at a crossroads after hitting rock bottom. Instead of giving up, he turned to his faith and became a minister for the Church of God in Christ.

Green preaches to smaller congregations, embracing a simpler and more fulfilling life. He may have left the stage, but his voice still resonates in a different kind of spiritual harmony.


Lisa Whelchel brilliantly thrives as an accomplished author, captivating readers worldwide.

Lisa Whelchel, the star behind Blair Warner on The Facts of Life, didn’t just keep all the facts to herself. She decided to share them with the world after her iconic role. But that’s not all—after tying the knot with an associate pastor, Whelchel traded the spotlight for the noble title of stay-at-home mom and author.

And let me tell you, she’s been crushing it in the writing department. With ten books under her belt, covering everything from motherhood to religion and even a memoir, she’s proven she’s a wordsmith to reckon with. Oh, and did I mention her incredible stint on Survivor? She strutted her stuff, made it to the runner-up position, and walked away with a cool $100,000. Talk about not too shabby!


Erik Estrada valiantly transitioned his on-screen career into the noble world of law enforcement.

Now, let’s shift gears and talk about Erik Estrada, the suave highway patrol officer from CHiPs. It seems his on-screen career made such an impression on him that he decided to take it to the real world. Yup, you guessed it—Estrada became a cop in real life! In 2009, he donned the badge as a deputy sheriff for Bedford County, Virginia, and later served as a reserve officer in Idaho.

Sure, it may be a long way from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but Estrada had always dreamt of serving and protecting. And now that he’s retired, he’s living the good life, thanks to his trusty pension. It’s much more stable than playing a cop on TV, that’s for sure!


Tiffany ingeniously revolutionized the fashion industry, making it affordable for all.

Next up, we have Tiffany, the pop sensation who stole our hearts with her hit single “I Think We’re Alone Now” in the ’80s. But wait, there’s more to her story! Feeling the toll the music industry took on her mental health, Tiffany decided to take a step back from the spotlight. Instead, she opened her very own boutique in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s still recording some tunes on the side, but her main focus is on her boutique. And you know what’s awesome about it? Tiffany is all about making fashion accessible to everyone. After all, she’s no stranger to changing her style, and she wants everyone to join in the fun.


Adrian Dantley passionately ensures child safety as a dedicated crossing guard.

Now, let’s talk about Adrian Dantley, the legendary NBA player who dominated the court for 15 seasons. As a six-time NBA All-Star, you’d think he’d be content with his basketball legacy. But nope, he had something else in mind! After retiring from coaching, Dantley took a path less traveled—he became a crossing guard in Silver Springs, Maryland. You heard that right!

This baller turned guardian of the crosswalks shared that he loves his daily routine and enjoys those summers off. The simple life was what he desired after a successful career in the fast-paced world of basketball.


Ali MacGraw serenely prioritized a balanced and fulfilling life beyond the chaotic realm of Hollywood.

Remember Ali MacGraw, the Hollywood starlet who left her footprints outside Grauman’s Theater after just three films? Well, buckle up, because her story took an unexpected turn. Despite the financial security that came with her Hollywood success, MacGraw decided to bid farewell to the glamorous life.

In her 50s, she discovered the life-changing power of yoga. And guess what? It shifted her entire focus. Instead of chasing the spotlight, she turned her attention to teaching yoga. Sure, the paycheck may not be the same, but she’s never felt more balanced in her life. Namaste, Ali!


Kevin Jonas expertly channels his skills as a contractor, building dreams from the ground up.

Let’s switch gears once again and talk about Kevin Jonas, one-third of the beloved teenage boy band, The Jonas Brothers. As they rose to fame at a young age, Kevin got a taste of the spotlight early on. But after meeting and marrying his lovely wife Danielle, he decided to take a different path. He bid farewell to the stage and pursued a “normal” life.

To provide stability for his growing family, Kevin became a contractor in his home state of New Jersey. But hey, guess what? The Jonas Brothers have reunited in recent years, and Kevin has found a way to revive his singing career. Talk about the best of both worlds!


Josh Saviano triumphantly returned to school and achieved great success as a respected lawyer.

Remember Josh Saviano, the talented young actor who played Paul Pfeiffer on The Wonder Years? Well, after the show ended, he made a surprising decision. Instead of sticking around in the acting business, he took a break and embarked on a different path. From 1993 to 2014, while he was away from the cameras, Saviano was busy studying law at Yale. Talk about a plot twist!

He joined a law firm called Morris Cohen LLP, climbed up the ladder, and even became a partner. But that wasn’t enough for him. In 2015, he ventured into the entertainment industry as an entrepreneur, proving he’s got brains and business acumen.


Geoffrey Owens admirably embraces the humble role of bagging groceries, embodying hard work and determination.

Last but not least, we have Geoffrey Owens, best known for his role as Elvin Tibideaux on The Cosby Show. When acting gigs were scarce, he needed a way to pay the bills. So, what did he do? He took on a job at Trader Joe’s, just like any “normal person” would. The story gained national attention when the Daily Mail tried to shame him for his choice.

But you know what? Owens embraced it and owned his job at Trader Joe’s with pride. In fact, his experience sparked a movement, with the hashtag #ActorsWithDayJobs shining a spotlight on the hardworking actors who balance their passion with paying the bills. Who says there’s shame in an honest day’s work? Not Geoffrey Owens!